Salvation Army $4.9M Behind On Their Campaign Donation Goal In Ontario

The Salvation Army calls on Canadians to help meet their fundraising goal (CNW Group/The Salvation Army British Columbia Division)

The Salvation Army calls on Canadians in Ontario to help raise $4.9 million to meet their fundraising goal

With Christmas around the corner, The Salvation Army warns of an alarming increase in need across Canada and within Ontario. According to recent research released by the organization, more than half of Ontarians polled said they had faced food security challenges in the past year, and close to an equal number of respondents expect to face such challenges in the next six months.

The Salvation Army is also experiencing a worrying decrease in donations to their annual Christmas Kettle Campaign this year. With less than a week until Christmas, the organization is $4.9 million behind on their campaign donation goal in Ontario.

“We’re very worried. We have never seen a need this great while experiencing a lag in motivated donations,” said Glenn van Gulik, divisional secretary for public relations. “Many of those impacted are no longer the most vulnerable in society – they could be a friend, neighbour, or family member. People who have donated in past are now finding themselves needing our help this season.”

Donations from the Christmas Kettle Campaign go to support food hampers, help put toys and clothes under the trees of children in need at Christmas, and makeup a large percentage of the funds the organization needs to provide front-line support services to Canadians throughout the year. The services include food banks, children’s breakfast programs, housing supports, substance-use recovery, and care for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

“We are calling on Canadians to donate what they can in the week leading up to Christmas and help The Salvation Army provide support to fellow Canadians in need, both this Christmas season and throughout the year,” said van Gulik.


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