Roadside Mowing Program Beginning End Of June In Bracebridge


The Town of Bracebridge will begin its annual roadside mowing program at the end of June to help reduce tall roadside vegetation areas to improve drainage and visibility for the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians along approximately 300 kilometres of municipal roads. Most roadside mowing takes place along rural roads, however, some select locations in the ubran area of town are also maintained. If required, a second cut will take place in select areas in August.

There are several steps residents can take to ensure roadside mowing can take place without any interruption.

  • Remove debris such as wood, metal, waste and recycling containers from the front of your property. These items can cause damage to the operating equipment and pose a hazard for operators;
  • Mark drainage pipes, old posts or other obstacles that may be hidden by long grass with flagging tape;
  • When driving, allow plenty of room while approaching operating equipment and only pass when it is safe to do so. Motorists are asked to take extra caution when passing active equipment;
  • Maintain a safe distance from operating equipment and keep an eye on children and pets at all times; and
  • Please do not approach the operators. They cannot change their routes or carry out special requests.

Town staff complete proactive sightline inspections on a regular basis. If you notice a sightline issue that needs to be addressed, contact the Public Works Department at or 705-645-5264 ext. 3650.

Pollinator Challenge
The Rotary Club of Bracebridge is helping pollinators flourish through their 2024 pollinator challenge by providing flagging tape, signage and stakes to property owners to mark sections of road where pollinating species have been identified. The Town of Bracebridge is committed to environmental stewardship and incorporates sustainable practices into its daily operations and maintenance. While every effort will be made to protect local wildlife, the health and safety of pedestrians and motorists by maintaining clear sightlines is the priority during the annual roadside mowing program.

To learn more about the role Public Works plays in the community, visit


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