Roads License Agreement FAQ Created For Properties Using An Unopened Road Allowance

Image courtesy of Township of Lake of Bays FB page

The Township has launched a webpage with resources and a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Roads License Agreements for properties accessed via Unopened Road Allowances.

An Unopened Road Allowance is a surveyed road allowance owned by the municipality that does not contain a Township Road. Meaning that it has never been formally “opened” or established as an actual public road or highway through construction and legal assumption by the Municipality. Some residents who access their properties via privately maintained roads/driveways located on these road allowances have already received letters requiring them to enter into a Roads License Agreement with the Municipality. These agreements aim to manage liability and risk for the Township, private owners, and Lake of Bays taxpayers.

In response to community feedback, the new webpage provides clear and detailed information addressing common questions and concerns from affected property owners. Key topics covered include:

  • Why Roads License Agreements are required
  • Legal basis for these agreements
  • Explanation of what constitutes an unopened road allowance
  • Overview of the Roads License Agreement process
  • Standards for road maintenance and safety
  • The risks to private owners, the Township, and Lake of Bays taxpayers associated with not having an agreement in place
  • Current roads identified as Unopened Road Allowances
  • And more

The Township hopes that this centralized webpage will clarify common questions and misconceptions the public may have regarding Roads License Agreements. For more information and to view the new page, visit


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