Renaming Committee’s Work Remains Grounded In Human Rights Code


The Chippewa Secondary School Renaming Committee met on May 17, 2023, to continue its work of determining the best path forward in selecting a new name for Chippewa Secondary School. The committee acknowledged that many voices and perspectives have been brought forward throughout this process. The committee, in alignment with the direction of the Near North District School Board, (NNDSB), continues to prioritize student well-being and the work of the committee remains grounded in the Human Rights Code.

Members heard and discussed the Feb. 16, 2023, statement from the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), which states, in part, that the “OHRC is aware and concerned about the increasing violence targeted at education officials for doing human rights work, adhering to the obligations set under the Ontario Human Rights Code and implementing government policy.” Like the OHRC, NNDSB remains committed to providing resources, increasing understanding and advancing the human rights of all. The OHRC acknowledges that educational officials continue to be the targets of hate and violence for doing this work, despite the fact that these officials have a legal duty to provide education and learning environments that follow and support the Human Rights Code. The full statement issued by the OHRC can be found here.

NNDSB remains committed to supporting all students, which includes removing barriers that perpetuate harm. The committee has learned, through this process, that NNDSB’s current School Openings, Closing and Consolidation Administrative Guideline requires updates that more closely reflect the mandates set forth in the Human Rights Code. Changes to that Administrative Guideline will follow the usual process for approval, including a 30-day consultation period. Once complete, the Administrative Guideline will ensure that the human rights of all people are prioritized and maintained in the opening, closing, or consolidation of any NNDSB school.

The committee looks forward to meeting again and continuing their work once the new administrative guideline is complete.


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