Record-Breaking Day At The Canadian International AutoShow

Photo Credit: Kandis Da Casta
Automotive enthusiasts continued to flock to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 50thanniversary Canadian International AutoShow, with a record-setting opening Saturday.

The AutoShow welcomed 49,383 guests on its second day of the 2023 event; combined with a strong crowd on opening day, it is the largest two-day opening in the history of the AutoShow in Toronto.

“Looking around, we are seeing a lot of happy faces and a lot of bums in the seats of the new cars across the show floor,” says Jason Campbell, General Manager of the AutoShow. “We have put together the pieces that make a great auto show. There is a broad collection of interesting cars here that result in those ‘Ohh! Aah!’ moments, and people are really enjoying it.”

The 50th anniversary of AutoShow is truly about mobility reimagined.

EVs have been very popular so far this year, and the AutoShow has more electric-powered cars and trucks on the show floor than ever. But the theme is also seen in a showcase of new and innovative ways people will be able to get around.

“Electrification of mobility and urban design trends that encourage close-knit neighbourhoods have inspired innovators to explore new ways for people to get around,” says Mr. Campbell. “This has resulted in some unique and interesting personal vehicles that are ideal for short commutes and urban travel, or to meet the needs of people who have mobility challenges, but still like — or need — to move about.”

Among the new and innovative modes of transportation are (all of these vehicles can be found in Electric City on the 300 level of the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, unless otherwise noted):

  • Amego Electric Vehicles — Since its founding in 2010, Amego EV has become Canada’s trusted electric bicycle expert and a leader in the electric bike movement. Its purpose is to transform transportation to enhance the world. Amego focuses on selling electric bikes for transportation as a car alternative. It is showcasing its entire line of innovative electric bicycles, and is offering guests a chance to test ride their vehicles on the Micro Mobility Test Track.
  • SARIT — The latest innovation from Magna founder and Automotive Hall of Famer Frank Stronach is SARIT(Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transit), a game-changing micro-mobility vehicle that is fun, affordable and eco-friendly. An electric vehicle designed for a single person, SARIT is designed to help people get around safely and congestion-free. It can go anywhere a bike can go and is small enough to take advantage of city bike lanes and parking. It’s also great for short urban trips, picking up groceries and running errands.
  • Potential Motors — The Adventure 1 by Potential Motors is a fully integrated compact electric off-road recreational vehicle, designed for exploring beyond where trucks can go. At just 64” wide, the Adventure 1 can access the vast network of ATV trails and remote destinations inaccessible to trucks or SUVs. Use it as camper, sleeping two comfortably with an integrated modular kitchen that folds out from under the bed with a two-burner propane stove, fridge, accessories and even a sink.
  • Glüxkind — Honoured at CES in Las Vegas for innovation, Vancouver-based Glüxkind has developed an AI baby stroller. The team at Glüxkind — some new parents or parents-to-be — is pushing the boundaries of robotics and machine learning to improve stroller safety, usability and comfort. The Ella stroller has adaptive push and brake assistance to make walks easier — paved or unpaved, uphill or down, or even when loaded with groceries. If the baby needs a hug or to be carried, parents can activate Ella’s intelligent hands-free strolling. The Rock-My-Baby mode helps little ones sleep; complete with soothing built-in white noise playback, Ella provides a nanny-like experience, empowering parents to be present and focus on their kids without compromise or distraction.
  • Universal Motion — A leading provider of accessible transportation solutions for people with mobility challenges — Universal Motion is showcasing six traditional cars and trucks that have been modified to ensure car and truck transportation is available to people living with disabilities. Providing wheelchair-accessible transportation solutions to the private market and small vehicle commercial transportation market, Universal Motion develops highly customized solutions to people’s transportation and driving needs. (Find its display in the main showroom on the 800 level of the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.)

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