Over 100 Homes Damaged After Tornado Rips Through Ottawa

Photo Credit @ak_yxe

Heavy rain, severe thunderstorms and at least one tornado affected  southern Ontario on Thursday. A low pressure system moved across  southern Ontario yesterday, bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms starting from southwestern Ontario early in the morning and exiting
eastern Ontario in the evening. Heavy rain occurred with some areas receiving significant amounts over short periods of time. Severe thunderstorms over eastern Ontario have lead to at least one

A tornado has been confirmed in Barrhaven. This tornado damaged many
houses and buildings in its path. Damage reported included roof damage, broken windows, power and utility outages as well as damage to trees. At this time the damage reported seems to be western portions of Barrhaven. There is also a report of one person with
minor injuries. A rating will be assigned as more information is received. Staff from the Northern Tornadoes Project will continue to investigate the damage today.

Below is a summary of rainfall totals in millimetres received by the
Ontario Storm Prediction Centre:
Monkton 82*
Palmerston 80.8*
Mount Forest 78.9
Dashwood 73.7*
Durham 70.9
Sarnia 68.6*
Sarnia Airport 66.6
Wellburn 59.2*
Listowel 58.9*
Mitchell 57.9*
Gotham 56.9*
Mildmay 53.8*
Fullarton 52.3*
Orillia 54.5*
Anten Mills 51.3*
Stratford 50*
Mooretown 49.5*
Flesherton 45*
Barrie 42.5
Kimberley 40.9*


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