Waypoint Using Technology To Improve Treatment Times, Connect Patients With Specialized Medical Professionals

The JEDMED Horus Scope is a high-tech camera whose incredible resolution allows a dermatologist to assess darker skin tones virtually.

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care’s engaged and dedicated Virtual Care Team is helping improve treatment times and connect patients/clients with highly specialized medical professionals.

The Virtual Care Team co-ordinates care for inpatients, as well as clients in community-based settings, through the use of the Ontario Telemedicine Network and Zoom Health. Virtual care and eConsults allow clients to access services close to home in a secure and comfortable location.

Response times have significantly improved as a result. Patients who previously required a consultation with a liver clinic, for example, would typically have waited six months. Now, the Virtual Care Team is able to get recommendations from a specialist within 12-24 hours.

To expedite eConsults with dermatologists, the Virtual Care Team recently purchased a high-tech camera called the JEDMED Horus Scope, which allows for accurate assessment of darker skin tones. The camera’s incredible resolution and interchangeable lens attachments enable the team to provide high-quality, efficient dermatology consults to all patients who require this service.

Virtual care also offers the opportunity for patients to connect with family members who aren’t able to visit in person.

“It’s clear these opportunities provide meaningful connections,” said Liam Wilson, a Virtual Care and Digital Health Support Specialist.

The Waypoint team facilitates the eConsults by gathering information and communicating with a specialist, who then provides assessment and treatment recommendations.

For people who face barriers related to transportation, limited device accessibility or internet availability, virtual appointments are hosted at the Community Health Hub in Midland and at a variety of other community-based organizations across the region.

The Virtual Care Team arranges training for patients/clients and staff, has step-by-step tip sheets available, regularly sets up test calls to ensure everything works smoothly prior to the appointment, and is available to provide on-the-spot support if needed.


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