OSMH Moving Forward Collectively Under Modernized Governance Structure


Since December, the OSMH Board of Directors has been engaging our staff and community for their thoughts and ideas on proposed changes to our bylaws.  Following a special meeting of the OSMH Corporation, the OSMH Board is pleased to announce that the membership has voted in favour of moving towards a skills-based membership.

The changes ensure the hospital is compliant with ONCA (Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporation Act) requirements by the October 18th, 2024 deadline, and adopts wide-spread, best practice guidelines to remove the paid membership model with  one that is skills-based.  OSMH’s approach will be consistent with all other hospitals and health service agencies in the region who have already adopted a skills-based corporate membership model.

OSMH values the perspectives of staff, patients and the communities they serve as they plan for the future. OSMH is committed to creating opportunities for engagement both to share their plans and to hear your thoughts and ideas. To create additional opportunities for engagement for the community members and existing lifetime members of the corporation, OSMH is creating the Friends of Soldiers’ in addition to the OSMH Community Engagement Committee (CEC) – a longstanding forum focused on exchanging information and gathering community feedback on a wide range of hospital topics – and the Patient Family Advisory Committee (PFAC).

Delivering excellent, compassionate care at OSMH remains the top priority.  OSMH is excited about the future of the hospital and will continue to create new and meaningful opportunities for the communities to engage with the hospital.


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