OPP Share Some Winter Driving Tips


With winter conditions here, the OPP wish to share some winter driving tips to help motorists navigate the roadways when the snow starts falling:

Turn your full headlight system on.

·        Winter tires. Having winter tires can improve traction in frost, snow, and icy conditions, and shorten the braking distance of your vehicle.

·        Plan-ahead and check the weather forecast before heading out. If there are adverse weather conditions, delay your trip if possible. You can use Ontario 511 to check road conditions here: Ontario 511 (511on.ca), twitter: @511Ontario.

·        Properly clean the ice and snow from your windows, lights, mirrors, and roof. This will assist with visibility, as well as help avoid having ice and debris falling off your vehicle.

·        Drive according to the conditions. Many collisions on our roadways occur because drivers are travelling too fast for the road conditions.

·        Turn off the cruise control on wet, snowy, or icy pavement. It can reduce your reaction time and vehicle control.

·        Steer gently on curves and slippery conditions. Hard braking, quick acceleration, and sudden gear changes can cause you to skid.

·        Give other vehicles room. It can take vehicles longer to stop in slippery conditions, so be sure to leave adequate room between you and other vehicles.

·        Have an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes warm clothing, a shovel, booster cables, high energy foods, flashlight, matches and a candle.

“Be prepared for the unexpected. Give yourself some extra time if possible and remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility. We want everyone to get to their destination safely this holiday season.” Essex County OPP Detachment Commander, Inspector Angela Ferguson.

If you know any drivers that may be new to driving in winter conditions, share this information with them, and help give them the driving advantage this winter season. It could save a life.


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