OPP Reporting Deadly Canada Day Week On Roads And Waterways


The OPP Canada Day week traffic campaign ended in tragedy with seven people dying on OPP-patrolled roads and waterways, and thousands of others posing a public safety threat by engaging in risky behaviours.

During the week-long campaign, five people died in motor vehicle collisions and two (2) others were killed in boating incidents. Speed and losing control were cited as lead contributing factors in the road crashes. Falling overboard and collision with another vessel were reported as primary causes in the marine fatalities.

Aggressive drivers continued to make roads unsafe, with speeding accounting for 9,419 of the 14, 473 charges laid throughout the week.

The OPP also laid 382 stunt/street racing charges against drivers clocked at 50 km/h or more above the posted speed limit. Fifty of those charges were laid on Canada Day alone.

Among other charges laid on our roadways were 234 alcohol/drug-impaired charges and 196 distracted driving charges.

The OPP committed to ensuring road users, off-roaders, boaters, paddlers and cyclists make smart decisions about using lifesaving equipment – a main focus of their campaign. Officers laid 783 charges for non-compliance with laws associated with life jackets, helmets and seatbelts.

The OPP thanks all Ontarians who helped keep roads, waterways and trails safe during Canada Day week.


  1. Well if we decriminalize the possession of hard drugs we may as well take the police off our roads and let them drive at 200 or so kl. and let the crazy boaters take over our water ways. But we will have to make a special force up to pick up all the bodies after every weekend. Sounds like a fun job don’t you think.


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