Ontario’s Film And Television Production Soars With Record-Breaking Year

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Record-breaking film and television production statistics were announced today by Ontario Creates, an agency of the Government of Ontario dedicated to growing Ontario’s creative industries. Ontario reported its highest production levels to date with 394 productions bringing in $2.88 billion in production spending for the economy. In addition to dollar value, these figures represent over 48,000 full-time equivalent direct and spin-off jobs, which is an increase of 38 per cent or 18,468 jobs from 2020.

“The government’s commitment to growing Ontario’s film and television industry means big business for Ontario,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries. “Ontario offers a safe, business-friendly environment where productions can thrive, good jobs can grow, and great content gets made – there is no better place to create content than right here in Ontario.”

“We are thrilled to see Ontario’s film and television industry leading the province’s economic recovery,” said Karen Thorne-Stone, President and CEO at Ontario Creates. “These figures are a testament to our robust health and safety protocols, impressive suite of financial incentives, ongoing studio space expansion, diverse talent pool, and an unmatched range of film-friendly locations.”

Ontario offers competitive tax credits and programs to support film and television production, which play an important role in increasing economic activity and job creation in the province. In addition, Ontario Creates works closely with a network of 80 municipal film offices across the province to identify and promote local filming locations, production services, and hospitality services that attract and retain both foreign and domestic film production, ensuring the economic and employment benefits of Ontario’s vibrant film and television industry are felt all across the province.

Ontario Creates tracks Ontario production statistics by calendar year. The numbers reflected are conservative, representing only the money spent in Ontario on 2021 domestic and foreign film and television productions.

  • Ontario’s film and TV industry contributed a record-breaking $2.88 billion to Ontario’s economy in 2021, creating 48,135 high-value full-time equivalent direct and spin-off jobs for Ontarians.
  • A portion of the 2021 increase can be attributed to COVID-19 recovery following the brief industry shut down in 2020. The rest of the increase represents new growth in production and is a testament to Ontario’s robust health and safety protocols, impressive suite of financial incentives, ongoing studio space expansion, diverse talent pool, and an unmatched range of film-friendly locations.
  • Domestic film and television production held strong in 2021, contributing $965 million after a lull in 2020.
  • Domestic television series production was particularly robust in 2021, with 115 productions contributing over $707 million in expenditures.
  • Foreign production remained strong in 2021, led by a strong television industry. Total expenditures in 2021 reached over $1.9 billion.
  • Live action production increased in 2021 accounting for 361 of the total 394 productions.

SOURCE Ontario Creates


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