On The Water Designs Runs Summer Sale On Locally Made Docks

On The Water Designs
Photo courtesy of On The Water Designs

On The Water Designs offers locally manufactured docks customized to each property owners’ needs, and they’re running a summer sale to help residents get back on the water. 

On The Water Designs is a family business that has built and installed docks and marine systems since 2000. Company president Brandon Jewitt took over in 2018 after his parents Dave and Mary retired, but it’s still a family business with his wife Michelle working alongside him. The business first started in a small rental facility, but eight years in, they were able to acquire a competitor along with their current headquarters in Kilworthy. Most of the products they sell are built in-house, allowing them to offer many options during their summer sale.

“Everybody’s expecting that manufacturers are completely backlogged [and] can’t get anything for a year,” Jewitt said. “Because we’re manufacturing right here, we’re able to produce things for this summer, so we’ve got lots of products in stock.”

Their custom dock services are booked into mid-August, but there’s still time to get something in the water this year. Jewitt said the company has invested heavily in their production capacity over the last few years, so many products are ready to take home and others can be built within a few weeks.

The staff at On The Water Designs. Photo courtesy of On The Water Designs

It’s important to Jewitt to offer a wide range of options because when it comes to finding the perfect dock, the “solutions are as unique as your waterfront.” In addition to their Kilworthy location, they also have 15 dealers in other parts of Ontario.

“Our home base is on Highway 11 just south of Gravenhurst, but we do have a network of dealers right across the province,” he said. “Our dealers tend to be contractors that can come and do a site visit, assess the needs and then they would get the product from us and do the installation. When they’re working with their dealer, it’s a single point of contact all the way through the sale.”

On The Water has everything from parts and do-it-yourself kits to fully custom products and services, and their summer sale runs until the end of July. Along with a wide range of docks, including pole, floating and tower docks, they also have boat lifts, roller ramp systems and other accessories.

Whether a customer wants a project to do or a full-service solution, their team of knowledgeable and experienced staff can help. Most of their customers are looking to share their vision and see it come to life, and at On The Water, that’s their specialty.

On The Water Designs prize pack
A prize pack to make your on the water experience more enjoyable. Photo courtesy of On The Water Designs

“There’s a lot of companies in our industry that just sell one product and they try to fit that product into all the different situations,” Jewitt said. “Our approach is a bit different where we have a variety of different styles and options, so we spend time with the client to understand what would work the best for their shoreline and then come up with a solution that would match.”

To learn more about On The Water Designs, visit their website. Keep an eye on Muskoka411’s Facebook page for a chance to win a prize pack from On The Water Designs, starting July 1.

This post is sponsored by On The Water Designs.


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