NNDSB Initiatives Enable Students To Be Role Models For Younger Students

: Graduates were able to have photos taken with the mobile chalkboard, which acted as a photo background.

Traits like being generous, compassionate, cooperative and considerate aren’t just being talked about in Near North District School Board (NNDSB) schools, they’re being modelled. Staff carefully plan initiatives that are designed to build character and create role models in schools. The initiatives provide the opportunity for leadership by older students, while giving younger students people to look up to.

The projects that Parry Sound High School Construction Technology students made this year for their young peers at McDougall Public School are great examples of mutually beneficial activities. Mr. Buckland’s students made picnic tables and portable chalkboards that will be used this fall at McDougall Public School’s outdoor learning spaces. The portable boards can be used in any outdoor space and stored inside when not in use. They can be used at the new Parry Sound JK-12 school’s outdoor learning spaces in future.

These projects bring together many aspects of education that are important in NNDSB. In addition to the above-mentioned character building that takes place, the initiative at Parry Sound High School contributes to outdoor learning that schools in the district are fortunate to be able to provide, while at the same time creating role models of the secondary school students and very happy young learners.

The project involved a contribution from community partner Gray’s Paint & Flooring, that donated chalkboard paint and supplies.

These initiatives are subtle yet effective ways to help build character in students. By encouraging them to develop positive character traits, NNDSB staff enrich students’ lives outside of academics. These character traits help develop young adults, and give them a framework to make mindful, important decisions in life. They create a sense of community whereby our elementary students feel connected to the secondary school.

Other opportunities that are usually on the go in a non-COVID world include Iron Chef competitions for Grade 7 and 8 students hosted and mentored by the

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Culinary Arts students and school-organized community pow wows, to which the five local First Nations are invited.

They look forward to the opportunities ahead.


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