New Gadget Monitors Your Food And Notifies You On Your Smartphone When Its Ready, Wherever You Are!

GrillEye® Max The first Instant, Ultra-Precise Smart Thermometer for your Grill or Smoker (PRNewsfoto/GrillEye®)

GrillEye® by G&C, the manufacturer of the Top Grilling and Smoking thermometers, launches the first Instant, Ultra-Precise Smart Thermometer for your Grill or Smoker, worldwide.

Temperature determines the flavor, tenderness, moisture and safety of meat, and GrillEye® Max measures it in the most accurate way!

With GrillEye® Max, the user only needs to:

  1. Insert the GrillEye® Iris probe into the meat
  2. Select preference of doneness

Once it has reached the desired temperature, it will send a notification informing the user that “Your food is waiting for you!”, no matter how far away he or she is from the pit.

GrillEye® welcomes everybody around the globe to the world of Unattended Perfection, where everything is easy and delicious, allowing the user to save time and money every day.

This is GrillEye® Max, the device that allows everyone to prepare the best food for their beloved, without losing a moment with them.

GrillEye® Max sets New Standards in Thermometers as it is the first worldwide:

  • Instant, with readings from 2 seconds
  • Ultra-Precise, with measurement accuracy of ±0.1°C/0,18°F and display resolution to 0,1
  • Truly Smart Thermometer that comes with amazing extra features, and can control up to 8 probes at the same time

It works with the GrillEye® Iris probes that are

  • FDA certified for maximum safety and
  • NIST certified for ultra-precise measurements

With GrillEye® Max, there is no guessing. Food safety and superior taste come as a standard.

GrillEye® invites everybody, to the Live Presentation of how GrillEye® Max is set to provide a whole new Grilling & Smoking experience, held on July 26th. Live at

The time that the event will take place, is announced on based on the local time of the website visitor.

SOURCE GrillEye®


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