National Teen Driver Safety Week Focuses On Risks Of Distracted Driving

National Teen Driver Safety Week 2022 theme is #DrivingTakes100 - 100-per-cent concentration. Supported by CN and Desjardins Insurance. (CNW Group/Parachute)

National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW), an annual public awareness campaign aimed at educating young drivers about road safety, is calling on teens to recognize that #DrivingTakes100 – 100-per-cent concentration.

Running from October 16 to 22 and supported by Desjardins Insurance and CN, the awareness week aims to reduce distracted driving that causes serious and fatal injuries.

“In fatal crashes, drivers aged 20 to 25 were more likely to be distracted than all other age groups, followed by drivers aged 16 to 19,” says Pamela Fuselli, President and CEO, Parachute. “NTDSW wants to help put a stop to these preventable deaths by bringing awareness to the serious issue of distracted driving among teens and young adults.”

During the week of October 16 to 22, teens, parents and influencers will be participating in virtual NTDSW promotions and activities across Canadian communities. Educating teens about distracted, drunk, drug-impaired and aggressive driving, as well as rail safety and the dangers of speeding, are part of the 2022 NTDSW campaign.

In addition, in-person events return to NTDSW at schools and communities as Parachute provides materials and an event guide for the Positive Ticketing Contest, which promotes, encourages and rewards positive driving habits among teen drivers.

“Distracted driving remains of great concern and, for the second year in a row, it is perceived as the biggest risk factor for drivers,” says Valérie Lavoie, President and Chief Operating Officer, Desjardins General Insurance Group. “Whether it is looking at your phone, eating or drinking or changing the console settings, we need to turn our complete focus to the task at hand; drive and cut out the distractions to keep ourselves and others safer on the roads.”

“I encourage you to take the time to remind your communities, loved ones and neighbours about the critical importance of being safe around rail property. By doing so, you could help save a life,” says Stephen Covey, Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer at CN.

Visit to learn more about National Teen Driver Safety Week and the Positive Ticketing Contest. Download our free resources for education and social media sharing using the hashtags #DrivingTakes100 and #NTDSW2022.


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