Muskoka411 Visits Gravenhurst High School For Pathways Week

Gravenhurst High School

Muskoka411 visited Gravenhurst High School (GHS) for Pathways Week on November 8 to discuss career opportunities in media.

The first ever GHS Pathways Week matched local professionals with subject-aligned classes, to present on topics applicable to the class. Muskoka411 presented on the topic of journalism to English students.

Students learned about careers in the field, and received insight into the day-to-day aspects of working in journalism, media, and communications. They were then tasked with writing a news story, based on a fictitious Holiday-themed press release.

“The community will always see the content we produce but if we can show or teach people how it all works it might benefit them to see if they are interested in a media career,” said Stefan Ottenbrite, Muskoka411 President and CEO. “It takes a village for small towns to collaborate and work well together, and I feel it’s important the media step up and help in any way we can.”

Winners of the news story writing task were awarded local Muskoka Springs craft sodas, and a Muskoka411 pen, to inspire their budding journalism careers.


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