Muskoka Heritage Place Events Take A Break This Year


With a late start to the summer season due to COVID-19, Muskoka Heritage Place is grateful for all the time travelling visitors who made us part of your stay-cation plans. If you are looking for an award winning pioneer experience this fall, you can visit the Pioneer Village or Train up until October 10th, or the Muskoka Museum year-round. With Muskoka Heritage Place’s annual event season just around the corner and so many unknowns around safe gathering sizes, all 2020 Muskoka Heritage Place events will be postponed until 2021. Although we enjoy hosting these events just as much as you enjoy attending them, the safety of our guests have helped guide this decision. Read on for a message from our event organizers:

Great Pumpkin Trail – Postponed to 2021
Our monsters, goblins and ghouls have been contacted and they are prepared to hibernate for another year. In 2021, should we be able to safely carry out this spooktacular event, we will still call it our 32nd Annual.

Portage Flyer Christmas – Postponed to 2021
This year, Santa has so much on his plate, that we have decided to give him some extra time to spread Christmas cheer by letting him skip our Annual Portage Flyer Christmas community event. With Santa well rested, visitors in 2021 can look forward to a “SUPERMAGICATED” experience!


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