Muskoka Has A POP-UP Wedding Chapel


POP-UP Wedding Chapel
Friday, February 14th
The Annex, 27 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge

Just engaged? Forever engaged? Not engaged, but still want to get married?⁣ What about renewing your vows? Bryn Armstrong, of Primp & Pop Event Co., is inviting couples to exchange their nuptials in their own private ceremony, among friends and family (if they chose). And the best part, – it’s only $995 per couple. A fraction of the price of a traditional wedding. Bryn Armstrong, a Muskoka based elopement style wedding planner, is lifting the veil and exposing a societal movement towards having simpler weddings, while maintaining the class.
“With the average Canadian wedding costing over $35,000 many find themselves putting off saying “I do”, according to the online source . Bryn states, ‘Couples don’t want the stress or the expense, however they still want everything to be pretty and meaningful.’ More and more couples are weighing the financial costs of traditional weddings, or want a wedding with a smaller carbon footprint, or simply want to avoid guest-list nightmares.
Regardless of the logistics and the reasons, Primp & Pop offers a wedding where couples can just show up. Their team handles all the planning, not a detail is missed. On top of becoming legally married, couples will get to enjoy a stylishly decorated ceremony space, music, personal flowers and photography. ‘ It’s just about them, their love, their vows, and their future together.’
To find out more, or to book your exclusive ceremony time, call/email Bryn:
Call 416.400.8404

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