Muskoka Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Initiative Survey


The District of Muskoka is working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the community and seeks input from residents and stakeholders to shape its strategy. In pursuit of this objective, the District has released a survey aimed at obtaining valuable insights and feedback on the Muskoka Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Strategy

The survey, open until August 10th, 2023, welcomes participation from permanent residents, seasonal residents, employees working in Muskoka, and visitors. Participants are encouraged to provide their insights and suggestions to help guide the District of Muskoka in formulating strategies that effectively address greenhouse gas emissions.

Take the survey and learn more about the project, at

The survey contains 19 questions and should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. All questions are optional. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Lauren Valliere, Climate Initiatives Coordinator for the District of Muskoka at


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