Muskoka Conservancy Launches Program To Recycle Fishing Line

Muskoka Conservancy Fishing Line Recycling Program
Photo courtesy of Muskoka Conservancy

Muskoka Conservancy is launching a new pilot program to recycle fishing line at two locations in Bracebridge and one location in Gravenhurst.

“Improperly disposed fishing line is a problem for birds, turtles, and fish because when they encounter it, they can become tangled up and get injured or drowned,” said Ayden Veitch, program coordinator at Muskoka Conservancy. “This program will help prevent discarded fishing line from entering the water in the first place.”

There will be line recycling stations at three locations in the Bracebridge and Gravenhurst area. The Wharf and George Road boat launch in Bracebridge, and the public boat launch at Gravenhurst’s wharf.

During the year, anglers can throw their worn out or tangled line in the recycling tubes. At the end of the season, fishing line will be collected from these locations and sent to Berkley Fishing where it will be recycled and used to make new plastic products, such as Berkley Fish Habitats.

The program to recycle fishing line is set to be launched at 9:30 a.m. on August 4 at the Bracebridge Wharf.

Photo courtesy of Muskoka Conservancy


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