Muskoka Conservancy Annual Meeting Is June 9th


Muskoka Conservancy is hosting its Annual Meeting on Friday June 9th at 10am, a live event! The meeting will be hosted at the Raymond Community Hall and will feature special guest speaker Adam Oliver Brown. To RSVP, please email

Adam Oliver Brown, a lifelong performer throughout North America and Europe, will speak about the importance of communicating and engaging the public in nature and science. And the role this plays in fostering an appreciation for nature conservation.

Brown’s work at the Department of Biology at University of Ottawa focuses on the public communication of science, and his expertise includes insects and the pollination of wild berries. He has published work on Fostering creativity in science learning, and says “I feel it is important to explore the art of science and the science of art.”

Muskoka Conservancy is the nature conservancy of Muskoka that permanently protects 4,000 acres of beautiful land, 60,500 feet of natural shoreline, and more than 700 acres of wetlands in Muskoka.

We’ve been punching above our weight for a while now, and the future is looking bright,” says Scott Young, Executive Director. “The past year has been one of our best. Since last June we’ve added over 660-acres of conservation land with another 825 feet of shoreline and over 121-acres of wetland. We are steady and strong, and getting stronger with the addition of a slate of dynamic, highly qualified new directors.

Muskoka Conservancy is a member-based organization. Anyone may attend the meeting, but only members can participate in voting. Make your vote count this year as they add several new Board Directors! At the meeting, you will learn more about the experience and knowledge being added to Muskoka Conservancy.

You can become a member at or by calling (705) 645-7393 ext. 200. Garbage-free snacks and refreshments will be provided.


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