Motorized Snow Vehicle Goes Through Ice On Lake Nipissing


One person traveling on a Motorized Snow Vehicle (MSV) reports having gone through thin ice near the marina entrance in North Bay this past Friday.

On February 16, 2024, just after 8:00 p.m., the North Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received a call from the MSV driver who advised that they were returning from ice fishing on Lake Nipissing when the MSV went through thin ice and was submerged into approximately ten feet of water.

The driver was uninjured and returned to their residence before contacting police.

North Bay OPP is reminding the public that the message is always the same. No ice is safe ice, and we encourage everyone who is venturing out onto the area lakes to exercise caution.

The ice conditions are greatly affected by weather, as well as other factors including the following:

  • Type of water
  • Time of year
  • Water depth and size of body of water
  • Currents, tides, and other moving water
  • Logs, rocks, and shoals absorbing heat from the sun
  • Changing air temperature

Ice does not freeze at uniform thickness throughout the body of water. When ice forms early and may look safe, it is likely not thick, strong, or stable enough to support much weight. Thickness should be checked regularly as you move further onto the ice.

Anyone considering venturing out on ice covered bodies of water for recreational activities should do so with an experienced outdoor enthusiast who is familiar with local conditions and water currents. Children should not play near or on ice covered bodies of water unless supervised by an experienced, safety-conscious person.


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