More Snow Will Be Removed In Gravenhurst Starting Monday


As part of the Town’s commitment to keep its roadways safe for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, road crews will be continuing their ‘snow lift’ efforts (i.e. snowbank removal) operations.

Over the next week, crews will be removing snow in the following locations:

Monday February 3rd  (at 10:00 p.m.) to 8:00 a.m. Tuesday February 4th

  • Blocks off of Muskoka Rd.  (including Brown St. off from Mary St to Greavette St.)
  • First St – from Winewood Ave. to Phillip St.  (both sides)
  • Winewood Ave West. – from Muskoka Rd. to Austin St.  (both sides)
  • John St – from Winewood Ave. to James St  (both sides)

Residents are encouraged to exercise caution in the areas in which these operations are taking place and are reminded that there is NO PARKING on Town roads overnight (By-law 2016-92). Any vehicles left on the road will be towed at the owner’s expense.


  1. When I drive on Beiers/Southwood Road each & every day I drive over frozen Craters, ruts washboards. In some places the ice is so thick it catches the wheels of your car. I dread going out everyday. And yet when I drive to other municipalities the roads are not in the same shape. Every year seems to be the same with no improvements. Welcome to Muskoka!

  2. On some of those nice days when snow is melting could they maybe get those blades working on our side streets in Gravenhurst, don’t put down more sand/salt. Trying to drive without damaging your vehicle is bad enough, but anyone in a wheelchair or stroller the roads and sidewalks are not safe.

  3. In spite of the claims made by the Town of Gravenhurst to keep roads safe for pedestrians and vehicular traffic, the rural roads outside of town continue to be among the worst maintained roads in Central Ontario. Washboards, ice ruts and dangerous driving conditions are the result of a misguided management team with no vision to actually be able to remove the snow from the road. The definition of snow removal is certainly not being met on these roads and the town seems oblivious to it.

  4. We have had less than half the usual amount of snow, and yet the roads in Gravenhurst are built up with layers of hard packed snow and ice. There is no getting past it, snow removal in Gravenhurst is poorly done. This so called commitment to safe roads is nothing more than a bad joke.


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