More Canadians Considering Electric Vehicles Amid Gas Price Concerns

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As gas prices continue to fluctuate, more Canadians say they are considering going electric for their next vehicle, according to a survey commissioned by BMW Group Canada to examine interest in and knowledge about electric vehicles (EVs).

With gas prices ballooning across the country this year, peaking in June above $2 per litre, nearly four in five Canadians are concerned about the operating expenses of their gas-powered vehicles. In fact, 25% are considering the purchase of an EV within the next two years.

The survey findings also demonstrate that Canadian men and women may be divided in terms of their self-described knowledge about electric vehicles and their perceived role in new vehicle purchase decisions in the household.

Key Survey Findings:

  • 79% of Canadians are concerned with operating costs of their internal combustion engine.
  • 25% of Canadians are considering the purchase of an electric vehicle within the next two years.
  • 66% of men consider themselves the primary decision maker when purchasing a new vehicle versus 47% of women.
  • 75% of men consider themselves to be knowledgeable when it comes to understanding EV technology versus 50% of women.
  • 79% of women surveyed say helping the environment is an important factor when considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, versus 65% of men.
  • Men are 7% more willing than women to pay more for an electric vehicle.

BMW Group Canada is working to drive the electric mobility conversation forward and to encourage acceptance and understanding of electrification outside of the traditional automotive space, particularly among women. One way the brand is doing so is by working with personalities that reach, inform and resonate with female audiences.

Sasha Exeter, Canadian brand marketer, entrepreneur and content creator, serves as a BMW Canada Brand Ambassador, using her social channels to educate her audience about the benefits of driving a hybrid electric vehicle. The brand is also working with Michele Romanow, CEO and co-founder of Clearco, entrepreneur, and Dragon on Dragons’ Den to educate Canadians about the Group’s efforts in the area of sustainability.

“We’re seeing tremendous interest and demand not only among existing BMW owners, but from Canadians across the country when it comes to all-electric vehicles,” said Kevin Marcotte, National Manager, BMW i at BMW Canada. “Our research clearly shows that Canadians care deeply about the environment and are very interested in learning more about electric vehicles. At BMW, we believe that electric mobility is one of the key elements shaping the future of sustainable mobility, and we have the knowledge and experience to help Canadians understand and adapt to this new form of transportation.”

BMW began offering Canadians fully-electric vehicles in 2013 with the BMW i3. Soon after, it launched the purely electric BMW i8 sports sedan. Most recently, in January 2022, BMW released the all-electric BMW iX Sports Activity Vehicle and BMW i4 sports sedan, implementing a commitment to bring innovative and performance-driven EVs to the Canadian marketplace. The brand will soon introduce a fully-electric version of its flagship with the all-electric BMW i7 luxury sedan.

“There is tremendous diversity in BMW’s electrified product offering, which allows Canadians to either dive into electrification or ease into it,” continued Marcotte. “From sports sedans and luxury vehicles to Sports Activity Vehicles, the BMW Group has purely electric or hybrid electric models to suit all Canadians’ needs.”

“We’re excited to continue educating Canadians about the future of electromobility,” concluded Marcotte. “The auto industry is transforming, and we are committed to helping people understand that transformation and how it will positively impact their future mobility.”

The survey, conducted this summer in partnership with market research firm Maru/Blue, gathered insights from over 1,200 Canadian licensed drivers with representation from every province.

To learn more about electromobility at BMW, please visit the BMW Electromobility Hub.


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