MNRF Warns Of High Hazard For Forest Fires In The Muskoka Area


There were no new wildland fires confirmed in the Northeast region by late afternoon.

There are two active fires in the region, both are under control.

The fire hazard varies predominantly from low to moderate in the Northeast region, except for a few areas that are maintaining a high hazard this afternoon. They include:

    • an area from Spanish to the Municipality of French River (including Little Current on Manitoulin Island as well as Killarney and parts of French River Provincial Park);
    • part of the Muskoka region, including Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and their surrounding areas;
    • and the southeasternmost portion of the Northeast region located south of Cobden and east of Madoc.
  • To see the fire hazard near you, check the interactive fire map at

Planning to have a campfire?

Here are some tips on how to safely enjoy your campfire and avoid the costs and dangers that can arise from an unextinguished or unattended campfire:

  • Choose your site carefully. Select a site with easy access to water that is sheltered from high winds. The fire must be built on bare rock or non-combustible material.
  • Prepare the site. Clear a one metre space around your campfire site and remove all pine needles, grasses, leaves and twigs.
  • Keep your fire small. By law, your campfire cannot exceed one metre in height and one metre in diameter.
  • Stay nearby. Never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Put your fire out. Soak your fire with water.
  • Be sure the fire is extinguished. Stir the ashes with a stick to uncover.

Fire numbers and online information

  • To report a forest fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE
  • To report a forest fire located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, please dial 911.
  • Follow on Twitter: @ONForestFires / @ONFeudeforêt


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