MNRF Recommending Ice Hut Owners Remove Their Ice Huts Sooner Than Later


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is advising ice hut owners and anglers that ice conditions are expected to deteriorate quickly in certain parts of the province prior to the required removal date.  You need to plan ahead in order to remove your ice hut before it’s too late.

  1. Conservation Officers are strongly recommending that all ice hut owners start developing a plan now on how they will remove their ice huts and implement it before the ice conditions deteriorate and removal becomes unsafe or impossible. Do not wait until the last minute to move them. This will show responsible ownership, e.g. packing a trail to the ice hut.
  2. Ice hut owners are responsible for removing all debris, garbage etc. from the ice in the vicinity of their ice huts.
  3. Leaving debris frozen in the ice becomes an environmental and public safety concern (e.g. boaters colliding with wooden blocks, tarps, ice hut parts, etc.).
  4. If ice huts are left out on the ice and allowed to fall through beyond the removal date, the matter will be investigated and may result in charges being laid against the owner(s) of the hut.


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