Mental Health Tips For Retail And Hospitality Workers This Holiday Season


The busy holiday season can be challenging for retail and hospitality workers. Supporting the mental health of these workers can help make their workplace safer and healthier for everyone.

To encourage that support — from the beginning of December to Boxing Day and beyond — the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is offering two new tip sheets. Among the key points for managers and workers are to communicate with empathy, protect themselves from harassment and bullying, and seek the mental health resources they need.

“As many retail and hospitality workers are preparing to welcome customers and clients in droves, we need to be mindful of these workers’ collective mental health and create workplaces that are psychologically safe” — Michel Rodrigue, president and CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada.

While it’s important to focus on getting through the busy months, thinking about long-term supports within an organization can help set them up for future success. To assist employers across the country in building more robust psychological health and safety frameworks, the MHCC outlines some of its foundational pieces in Building Mental Health into Retail and Hospitality Organizations.

The MHCC also encourages managers to actively share internal and external resources with their workers, including those from employee assistance programs, peer support groups, and Wellness Together Canada.

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