Meet The Young Man Behind Skokiboys And “On The Line Fishing”


By Shirlene McKay – Lagoon City Life

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Eddy a couple of weeks ago and he immediately grabbed my attention as he sat with his eye-catching merchandise and offered me such a warm welcome as I approached his table.  His enthusiasm intrigued me because at such a young age, he seemed to really have it together when it came to his businesses.  “Local to Severn Bridge, here at Skokiboys I strive to sell the best quality Muskoka clothing/products around.  You won’t find a better -quality hoodie anywhere!  Hunt Fish Play are the words we live by.”

We were thrilled when Mike Eddy agreed to answer a few more questions about his business in our Community Spotlight.

How old were you when you first established Skokiboys and what year did you start your local business?

I would have been 21 when I started Skokiboys which was right at the beginning of the pandemic.

Do you have a specific location that you run Skokiboys?

Skokiboys is based out of Muskoka but stretches all the way out to B.C. and hopefully soon worldwide!

Owning a business at such a young age, was this always a dream of yours?

I have been an entrepreneur since I could walk, started with small things like a swear jar for my parents and their friends (big money ha ha), selling bikes I fixed from the river, tying flys for fly fishing, firestarters, worms and pretty much anything else I could think of!  So I guess it’s always been a dream to finally start going big time!

Skokiboys is a unique name.  Where did it originate from?

Well I thought I wanted the name to be somewhat related to Muskoka, then it clicked as I knew an old song where they sing “Okie from Muskoki” so I thought it was perfect.  Until I searched the lyrics to the song and its Muskogee not Muskoki but I thought it was still perfect for me.  The “boys” part comes from just hanging out with the boys making content doing what we love to do.  Hunt Fish Play.

How long have you lived in Severn and do you own or operate any other businesses?

I have lived in Severn Bridge full time for four years and have been coming up seasonally since I was around 7 years old and I am now 22.  I do own another business that I started when I was just 18 years old.  On the Line Fishing Adventures is my fishing business where I offer guided fishing trips, boat tours, boat rentals as well as ice fishing huts in the winter.

Why is it important to have a guided fishing tour?

Guided fishing trips are super important if you are new to fishing or new to the area and want to learn types of baits, species, depths ect.  Learning this from someone who knows will save you months of hard work or if you don’t have a boat and just want to get out and fish.

You offer several fish adventures.  Can you tell us a little bit more about the adventures that you offer and if you had to choose one, what would be your favourite?

Walleye Fish

I do offer a good variety of trips from spring to fall and throughout the winter.  If I were to choose my favourite time/trip it would always be walleye in the spring.

We notice that you sell a lot of merchandise for your brand.  Can you tell us where that stems from and what you hope a customer will take away with them by purchasing your merchandise?

When someone buys something I want them to say “wow this is quality”.  I hope that each person thay buys a hoodie says that it’s their favourite comfiest sweater.  When I started this company those are the exact thoughts I had in my head.  I want customers to feel happy to support a local small business but most importantly feel great about their purchase!

What is your favourite thing about owing a local business?

Skokiboys Table


The support and kindness from the community is amazing.  Doing something I love to do in the area I love, doesn’t get much better than that!

What does Mike like to do in his free time?

Free time??  Ha ha!  My free time is usually taken up by more work.  When I have a day or two through the week, I am usually out building houses, docks, decks ect. but for the most part, I am either fishing or hanging out at the campfire with friends.

If you had any words of encouragement or advice for someone thinking of opening their own business to follow their dreams, what would they be?

DO IT!  The last thing you want is to look back wishing you had started that dream business.  You will never succeed if you don’t try.  The longer you wait the less of a reality it will be!

SkokiBoys and On The Line Fishing Adventures offers a variety of services as well as products.  For more information please visit:  We also encourage you to follow them on Instagram at: Skokiboys to keep up to date with Mike’s adventures.


Ice Hut Fishing


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