List Of Endorsements Continues To Grow For PC Candidate Graydon Smith

Graydon Smith

Parry Sound-Muskoka Ontario PC candidate, Graydon Smith, has received endorsements from ten current and former elected leaders from across the riding.

Current Huntsville mayor, Karin Terziano, along with former Huntsville mayors Scott Aitchison, Claude Doughty, Hugh Mackenzie, Len Clarke and Ron House have endorsed Smith. Bracebridge acting mayor, Rick Maloney, Mayor of Seguin Township, Ann MacDiarmid, Mayor of Burk’s Falls, Cathy Still, and District of Muskoka Chair, John Klinck, have also endorsed Smith.

“These endorsements are a reflection of my ability to lead, work collaboratively and get things done,” said Smith. “I’m proud that these outstanding community leaders from across the riding – regardless of party affiliation – have come forward to publicly endorse my candidacy.”

“Parry Sound-Muskoka needs an MPP with the ability and experience to work alongside municipal leaders and to advocate on behalf of our communities at the decision making table in Toronto,” Smith said. “This distinguished list of leaders recognize what’s at stake for our riding and they know that I’m the candidate most able to deliver real, positive results for Parry Sound-Muskoka.”

Full List of Endorsements:

  • Karin Terziano, Mayor of Huntsville
  • Rick Maloney, Deputy Mayor and current Acting Mayor of Bracebridge
  • Ann Macdiarmid, Mayor of Seguin Township
  • Cathy Still, Mayor of Burk’s Falls
  • Scott Aitchison, MP and Former Mayor of Huntsville
  • Claude Doughty, Former Mayor of Huntsville
  • Hugh Mackenzie, Former Mayor of Huntsville
  • Len Clarke, Former Mayor of Huntsville
  • Ron House, Former Mayor of Huntsville
  • John Klinck, Chair, District of Muskoka


  1. If not desperation, certainly anxiety!
    It should be no surprise to our Muskoka electorate
    that fellow mayors have been rounded up to support a fellow colleague. This is more about mayoral fidelity than Ford’s collective“ pave the green belt”, “deregulate LTC”, “underfund health care” , “ cancel environmental regulation” policies
    Do not be deceived!

  2. The Conservative Masquerade of Graydon Smith. Why Conservatives Should be Concerned.

    A growing number of conservatives from all over Parry Sound/Muskoka are realizing that Graydon Smith’s brand of conservatism is not for them. As a candidate being subjected to questions regarding potentially serious issues, we are wondering why he is not providing answers. Whether you are a conservative or not, the failure of Mayor Smith to answer these questions in a satisfactory manner has left the Conservative candidate ripe to be rejected by voters on Thursday.

    The lack of an open nomination process by the local Conservative riding association has given rise to accusations of cronyism and possible back-room deals. Graydon’s Smith’s failure to attend the candidates’ debate is a lack of respect toward voters and begs the question: What is Graydon Smith afraid of?

    Unfortunately for Graydon, his lack of attention has led to far more serious questions including the nature of his business relationship with Lakeland, a company majority owned by the Town of Bracebridge. For Bracebridge taxpayers looking for a candidate who is worthy of the public’s trust, Mayor Smith has fallen short.

    From a financial perspective, Mayor Smith has done nothing for taxpayers in an already overtaxed municipality. He is only making things worse by encumbering the Town with inflated budgets and lots of debt. Where is the financial conservatism in that?

    When it came time to look at an environmentally significant wetland in Bracebridge, Smith decided to ignore the science and the public by approving the rezoning of a wetland to develop a high density school and the 118 bypass. Whose interest was Graydon Smith promoting?

    For many Parry Sound/Muskoka conservatives, economic development and environmental stewardship are key priorities, but unfortunately candidate Smith is seemingly unable to find a balance between the two.

    Unless the Mayor is prepared to be accountable and engage with the public on these issues and provide answers, concern for Graydon’s actions will only grow further.


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