Lake Of Bays Cottagers Support Huntsville Hospital Foundation With $50,000 Donation


Ian Telfer & Nancy Burke have generously made a $50,000 donation supporting Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s Focus On Imaging campaign.

Both Telfer & Burke enjoy spending time on the shore of their Lake of Bays cottage and appreciate the amenities of Huntsville. “We donate to support the health care of the whole Huntsville community that’s so dependent on this wonderful hospital,” says Burke.

The $50,000 donation, will help move Huntsville Hospital Foundation one step closer to the goal of raising $5.5 million to upgrade and improve diagnostic technology. “We hope others will join us by making a donation to the Focus On Imaging campaign,” adds Burke.

Nearly every patient who comes through the hospital doors depend on diagnostic imaging. Annually, Huntsville Hospital performs more than 42,000 imaging tests. These tests range from ultrasounds and X-rays, to mammograms and CT scans etc. Our community physicians depend on diagnostic imaging tests to accurately diagnose and treat patients.

Katherine Craine, Foundation’s CEO, believes our community deserves the best health care, which requires the investment of the entire community.  “Most are surprised to learn that the government does not fund essential medical equipment, nor all the costs of building renovations or new construction to expand areas or build new facilities, and that it is the combined responsibility of the community and hospital,” says Craine.

Through the Focus On Imaging campaign, and the generous donation from Burke and Telfer, we will help ensure our community has access to the best healthcare, here. “Thank you Ian and Nancy for your gift and for choosing to invest in Huntsville Hospital,” says Craine.


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