Kraft Pantry Day Calls On Canadians To Join Together To Help Fight Food Insecurity On Oct. 16


On October 16, which is also World Food Day, Kraft Heinz Canada will hold its second annual Kraft Heinz Pantry Day. Canadians are encouraged to join the fight against food insecurity by purchasing a participating Kraft Heinz product in-store or online, which will then be matched with a donation to Food Banks Canada. Participating products include any variety of Kraft Peanut Butter, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Kraft Salad Dressing, Kraft Dinner, Classico Pasta Sauce, Heinz by Nature, Maxwell House Coffee or Heinz Ketchup.

The initiative, which is part of a larger 5-year, $20-million product donation to Food Banks Canada is helping connect the 4.4 million Canadians affected by food insecurity across the country with the meals they need. In support of this mission, Kraft Heinz has enlisted the support of Damian Warner, Olympic Gold Medalist in the Decathlon at Tokyo 2020. Damian’s unique connection to food insecurity helps underscore the importance of food banks and programs like Kraft Heinz Pantry Day to Canadian families across the country.

“When I was growing up my mother used food banks to help keep our family fed,” said Warner. “Initiatives like Kraft Heinz Pantry Day help support those struggling with food insecurity, right in their community. It was this kind of support that helped my mother keep food on our table and with your participation we can help make a positive change for other Canadians who may be struggling.”

Kraft Heinz Pantry Day is one of many initiatives Kraft Heinz Canada has spearheaded to support Canadians. Since 2020, the company has contributed 3,281,900 pounds in high-quality food donations to food banks across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other initiatives reflect the organization’s commitment to supporting a more sustainable, diverse, and inclusive Canada for all to enjoy. This includes Kraft Hockeyville, which supports the future of hockey in Canada by restoring and repairing local arenas, and the company’s leadership role in the Canada Plastics Pact, whose vision is a circular economy for plastics to support a more sustainable environment.

Kraft Heinz Pantry Day brings our commitment to addressing food insecurity directly to Canadians, giving them an opportunity to join with us to collectively address food insecurity,” said Bruno Keller, President of Kraft Heinz Canada. “One in seven Canadian households struggled to get food onto tables during the pandemic, and that is one too many for us. As a company with products in so many pantries across the country, we truly feel it is our responsibility to play a role in facing this important issue.”

Food Banks Canada supports an extensive network of over 4,750 organizations coast-to-coast-to-coast, working collaboratively to not only relieve hunger today but also prevent hunger tomorrow. Their COVID-19 Response Fund and ongoing food recovery efforts helped connect over 63 million pounds of food with Canadians in need.

“Partners like Kraft Heinz allow us to fulfill an important part of our mission, namely providing immediate food help for those experiencing food insecurity. For this, we are extremely grateful,” said Interim CEO, Food Banks Canada, David Armour.

Food Banks Canada and Kraft Heinz Canada encourage those shopping in-store on Kraft Heinz Pantry Day to wear a mask at all times and follow any other applicable municipal, provincial, or federal health guidelines.

Canadians can also participate from home by using the hashtag #KHPantryDay and connecting with the program on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @KHPantryDay.

For more information about the program, including a full list of participating products and retailers, please visit


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