KFC Canada Launches New Kentucky Scorcher Sandwich

KFC Canada launches new Kentucky Scorcher sandwich (CNW Group/KFC Canada)

Canadians are hungry for spice and unsatisfied with the current ‘think they’re hot, but they’re not hot,’ options. Tired of the mildly spicy pretenders, KFC Canada enters the ring with the Kentucky Scorcher. This actually spicy sandwich is made with thick cut, 100 per cent Canadian chicken breast, doused with signature Scorcher sauce, smothered in spicy mayo, topped with crunchy pickles, all on a toasted bun. To help you tame that flame, KFC Canada is offering free milk with every purchase of the sandwich, while supplies last.

The Kentucky Scorcher sauce leverages the fruity, earthy, and peppery flavour of the infamous Carolina Reaper to take you on a sensorial journey. Upon first bite, spice lovers will taste a hint of heat from the Cayenne pepper and with every bite, thereafter, feel the fiery heat from the Carolina Reaper. This signature sauce hits a Scoville level of 13,500 – more than double the level of Tabasco – so finger lickers, beware.

“Spicy offerings these days are made for the masses and lack the intensity Canadians are craving, so we set out to create a sandwich that truly delivers on heat,” said Ira Dubinsky, Brand and Innovation Director, KFC Canada. “We tested dozens of hot sauces and peppers to ensure a balanced combination of spice and flavour, and the Scorcher sauce brought tears to our eyes. This chicken is not for chickens – we’ve got the milk in case you need it.”

The Kentucky Scorcher is now available at www.kfc.ca, through the KFC App and participating KFC locations across Canada. Be sure to get it with free milk while supplies last.


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