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Barbecue season extends beyond summer

There are two kinds of barbecue enthusiasts – those who welcome the refreshing touch of a brisk autumn breeze and ignite their grills amidst the vibrant fall foliage, and those who have yet to discover that barbecue season extends beyond Labour Day.

Even as autumn marches towards winter and your backyard is blanketed in a tapestry of fallen leaves, there’s no need to limit your culinary adventures to the indoor kitchen. You can kindle the flames of your grill and relish the delicious feasts that conjure the sun-kissed flavours of a midsummer’s day.

Amidst the vivid canvas of a vibrant Canadian autumn, firing up your grill can become the next great fall tradition. As the evening falls early, there’s no better time of the year to don your coziest sweater and enjoy a grilled meal with your loved ones.

Fall presents a fantastic chance to master the art of grilling substantial cuts of meat that require a patient touch – imagine a succulent roast beef or a tender chicken that can be slowly cooked at a low temperature using indirect heat. (Keep in mind, the more you open the lid, the more heat you lose; you will get the best results if you can get the grill to optimal temperature and leave the lid closed for as long as possible.)

Napoleon offers some other tips and advice for premium autumn grilling:

  1. Keep the grill outside — No matter how brisk the temperature becomes, do not set up your barbecue in your garage, shed or any enclosed space. Embrace the brisk temperature and the opportunity to grill amid a gentle scattering of autumn leaves – it’s a fundamental aspect of the autumn grilling experience. Use your leaf blower to quickly clear any debris before you ignite the flames.
  2. Get it hot – Even if the Weather Network reports a brisk 6°C outside, don’t be discouraged from firing up the barbecue to reach a sizzling 500°F; it just may require a bit more patience. Once you have reached an optimal temperature, get your food on the grill quickly and close the lid.
  3. Be patient – Autumn grilling is different than throwing some burgers on the barbecue in the middle of summer. Cold air temperatures mean it will take longer for your grill to reach optimum cooking temperature, and every time you open the lid you will lose valuable heat. But that also means it is ideal for trying a dish like these delicious smoky maple ribs.
  4. Get the right equipment – Heat resistant gloves will both keep your hands warm and protect you from the heat of the grill. With the early onset of dusk, chances are you will need additional light. If your barbecue doesn’t come equipped with its own light, there are lights you can attach to the grill to improve visibility. If you are cooking a big cut of meat like a roast or whole chicken on indirect heat, keep an eye on the temperature without having to constantly lift the lid with a Bluetooth thermometer. It allows you to monitor the temperature of your meat from the comfort of your warm living room.

Choosing the right grill for cooking in the autumn season and beyond is crucial. High-quality stainless steel offers durability and resistance to rust, but also can withstand hot and cold temperatures. Napoleon grills are proudly crafted in Canadawith an understanding what needs to go into them to make sure they not only withstand cool weather cooking, but also excel in extreme temperatures.

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