Hydro One Urges Ontarians In Flood Prone Areas To Safeguard Their Homes

Photo Credit: Kelly Fallis - Lake Muskoka Realtor

With active flood warnings in parts of the province and rain in the forecast for much of this week, Hydro One is reminding Ontarians that live in flood prone areas about the importance of preparing their homes, the steps to take if flooding occurs and how to prepare for an extended emergency.

“We are monitoring rising water levels across the communities we serve and are ready to support our customers so they can stay safe and protect their homes,” said Teri French, Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Experience, Hydro One. “We care deeply about our communities and recognize the devastating affect flooding can have on our lives. We will always be there for our customers during challenging times.”

Move water away from your home

Hydro One encourages residents to keep water away from their home by removing debris from gutters, eavestroughs and downspouts. Residents should also inspect the foundation of their home for any cracks that may need to be repaired. If you have a sump pump, maintain it regularly so it’s ready if you need it and consider a backup power source, such as a battery or generator.

Water and electricity do not mix

If flooding occurs at home and water starts to reach electrical outlets, baseboard heaters or furnace, residents should call their electricity utility to have power safely turned off. Residents should not enter any flooded areas, such as the basement, until power is disconnected.

Restock your emergency kit

It is critical to ensure you and your family are prepared in case of an emergency or extended power outage. Your emergency kit should include enough food and water for all family members, a first aid kit and any necessary medical items, emergency numbers, blankets, cash, a battery-powered radio and flashlights along with extra batteries.

Supporting our customers

Hydro One customers are asked to call its customer care team at 1-800-434-1235 who can help them through this process. To support customers, Hydro One automatically waives all connection fees along with delivery fees when power is disconnected due to flooding.

Visit Hydro One’s website for more emergency preparedness and flood safety tips.


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