Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary Donates $60,000 Supporting Focus On Imaging Campaign


Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary presented Huntsville Hospital Foundation with a donation of $60,000 supporting the Focus on Imaging Campaign. The generous donation was made possible by proceeds raised through the online monthly 50/50 lottery. This donation is the Foundation’s second gift from the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary since the launch of the 50/50 in April 2022.

“Each month, I have the opportunity to call a lucky 50/50 player to let them know they’ve just won thousands of dollars. We’ve heard stories from our winners that they’ve used their winnings to help buy their first home or help with a dream vacation or save for their grandchildren’s education. It’s really great,” says Susan Love, President, Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary. “The best part about the 50/50 is the partnership we have with Huntsville Hospital Foundation. We’re working together to ensure our hospital has the best diagnostic equipment for our entire community,” adds Susan.

Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary continues to support diagnostic improvements and technology upgrades through the Foundation’s Focus on Imaging $10 Million capital campaign, which includes, raising funds to purchase Muskoka’s first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

“Thank you to our Auxiliary family. We extend our deepest gratitude for all that you do for our hospital. We’re grateful for your help to ensure our community has access to the latest and greatest diagnostic technology,” says Meaghan Byrnes, Director of Philanthropy, Huntsville Hospital Foundation. “Thanks to all 50/50 players for their loyal support and a special thank you to Susan, Dave and Gail from the Auxiliary who coordinate the 50/50 each and every month,” adds Meaghan.

Tickets for Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary 50/50 are available for purchase online at Tickets are 800 for $75, 300 for $40, 100 for $25 and 10 for $10. Participants must be over the age of 18 and in Ontario to play.

To learn more about the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary please visit To learn more about the Focus on Imaging campaign please visit


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