Study Highlights Importance Of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In Canadian Workplaces

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Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash, a leader in AI-powered HR solutions, today announced the release of significant findings from a comprehensive study on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) and pay equity across workplaces in Canada.

Extracted from a larger global analysis that spans North America and Europe, this report aims to spotlight the urgent need for Canadian companies to advance their DE&I efforts and rectify pay equity disparities, fostering a more inclusive, productive, and forward-thinking corporate culture. The full report is available for free at

Key Findings:

  1. 50 per cent of Canadian employees believe their company effectively implements DE&I policies, indicating a significant disconnect between policy and practice.
  2. 72 per cent of the workforce weighs a company’s commitment to DE&I heavily in their job acceptance decisions, highlighting DE&I’s essential role in attracting talent.
  3. A mere 38 per cent of Canadian employees feel their companies’ internal communications are unbiased and inclusive, underscoring the critical need for transparency and inclusivity in internal messaging to foster a culture of trust and belonging.
  4. Furthermore, 46 per cent of Canadian employees report not feeling their voices are heard within the workplace, pointing to a significant area for improvement in communication and inclusivity.
  5. 25 per cent of Canadian workers are actively looking for a new job outside the company.

Employees who perceive their workplace policies as not inclusive are twice as likely to actively seek new employment opportunities elsewhere. This statistic underscores the importance of not only establishing DE&I and pay equity policies but ensuring they are tangibly felt and beneficial to the workforce, impacting both employee satisfaction and retention significantly.

Tim Glowa, CEO and Founder of, asserts, “The insights from our comprehensive study serve as a clarion call for HR leaders and executives across the United States. The path forward involves a committed, actionable approach to DE&I and pay equity that transcends mere policy to affect real change within the organizational culture. stands ready to assist companies in navigating these challenges, leveraging our AI-powered solutions to foster a more equitable and inclusive work environment.”


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