Hidden Hurt Leads to A Unique New Book To Help Kids With Migraines


Childhood migraines afflict about 3% of preschool children and about 10% of children age 5-15, yet the disease is invisible and very misunderstood. A new book helps those kids, and the friends
and grown-ups around them, learn more about childhood migraine.

Milly has a Migraine tells the smart and sweet story of a little girl who has to manage chronic migraines. The book’s author is Joanne McPhail, a corporate lawyer and managing partner at a large law firm in Central Ontario. She added “author” to her resume after seeing both of her children suffer through debilitating chronic migraine as children and young adults.

“Helping my kids navigate school, friendships and activities when faced with daily pain was incredibly difficult,” McPhail says.

She adds that it was also tough to navigate and investigate medical options to help them.

Although migraine afflicts millions of people worldwide, it is still not well-understood by those who do not suffer from them. In addition to debilitating pain and other physical symptoms, migraine sufferers often feel that they are not believed, exaggerating symptoms or are
disappointing others.

“Kids, especially, have difficulty processing these issues, and managing friendships and sports or other activities, teachers and school expectations, at very formative times,” McPhail says.

Milly has a Migraine is aimed at children ages 4 to 8. McPhail hopes her young heroine, Milly, will help teach kids what it’s like to get migraines, while also reassuring children who suffer from them that they are not alone.

The book is illustrated by Angelica Baldit who specializes in children’s illustrations.

The book is available now on Amazon.
In Canada: https://a.co/d/2NosBBs

In the United States: https://a.co/d/eveZp9i

Some reviews so far:
“I just received my book today and read it. Wow! Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes to read a book that I wish I could’ve shared with my daughter’s friends back when she was at her worst
and most of them all moved on without her. This book gives words to the feelings and experiences that no one around her seemed to understand. This book said what I wish we could have said ourselves. Thank you so much for giving these kids (and even adults) a voice of what a life of migraines is like. ” Mindi Sheppard

“Children’s books are such a powerful way to teach ALL ages about critical topics. Milly Has a Migraine does a tremendous job shedding light on a topic that has NOT had enough exposure.
It explains the symptoms and fallout for those who suffer from migraines and it does it in such an easy-to-understand format for even the youngest readers. It teaches understanding, empathy and compassion. Teachers use mentor texts often to educate students about important issues and Milly Has a Migraine should definitely be added to the collection!” Cathy Bechard

“This is such a wonderful book and is beyond helpful for anyone who suffers from migraines or, even more importantly, for anyone who KNOWS someone who suffers from migraines. The author did an amazing job and I wish something like this was around when I was a kid so I didn’t feel so alone.” Anonymous

“This book is a must have for migraine sufferers and their families and friends. It is helpful for everyone to understand the pain both physical and mental that migraines cause. Love this book and will be sharing with everyone!” Marcia Campbell

“What a terrific book for kids and parents! Whether there’s a migraine sufferer in your family or not, this is a wonderful read, and a lovely way to help children think about those kids (like one
of mine) who endure headaches.” RM


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