Heading Out This Summer? Please Wear Your Safety Gear: OPP


With summer now in full swing and adventures abound throughout the province, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be out on roads, waterways and trails, ensuring Ontario citizens and visitors are wearing safety equipment that is critical to saving their lives.

Over the past five years, hundreds of people of all ages have died in OPP-investigated traffic/marine incidents in which failure to wear safety equipment was a primary cause or contributing factor in their death.

From 2018-2022 (in OPP jurisdictions):

–      Number of drivers/passengers killed in collisions who did not wear a seatbelt: 279    

–      Number of boaters/paddlers killed in marine incidents who did not wear a lifejacket: 114

–      Number of drivers/passengers killed in off-road vehicle incidents who did not wear a helmet: 54

–      Number of motorcyclists killed in motorcycle incidents who did not wear a helmet: 19

“When heading out for a boat ride, a drive, or a paddle or trail ride this summer, please wear your safety gear. Having the protection of a seatbelt, lifejacket or helmet gives you and your family your best chance at surviving a life-threatening situation on roads, waterways and trails. The OPP wants to see everyone have a safe and enjoyable summer.”

— Thomas Carrique, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner

The OPP is committed to delivering on its Provincial Traffic Safety Strategy, which aims to reduce and prevent injuries and fatalities, and enhance safety on roads, waterways and trails.

Off-road vehicle riders and motorcyclists are required by law to wear an approved helmet, securely fastened under the chin with a chin strap. (Exemptions to motorcycle helmet laws can be found here: motorcycle helmets). 

Motor vehicle drivers are required by law to ensure all passengers under the age of 16 are properly wearing their seatbelt.


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