Gravenhurst Smile Cookie Campaign Raises $9,000 For Muskoka Victim Services

Smile Cookie Muskoka Victim Services
Photo courtesy of Gravenhurst Tim Hortons

This year’s Smile Cookie campaign raised a record $12 million and the Gravenhurst Tim Hortons locations contributed to the record-breaking total by raising $9,000 for Muskoka Victim Services.

Muskoka Victim Services offers assistance to locals affected by crime and other crises, providing immediate help to victims while also connecting them with long-term supports. During the pandemic, the organization has received a larger volume of calls and the needs of their clients have been more complex, said Eva Zachary, executive director of Muskoka Victim Services. Given the increased need for their services, she said it’s an incredible feeling to see the amount raised.

“This fundraising campaign is probably one of our most successful ever, and the proceeds that we receive are going to go so far in supporting clients who have been victimized by crime and tragic circumstance,” Zachary said. “We cannot thank Tim Hortons enough for their support throughout this campaign. It takes a lot of work to get this going, and we saw it, we felt it, and we’re smiling all around.”

Staff and volunteers from Muskoka Victim Services had the chance to join the team at Gravenhurst Tim Hortons and decorate a few trays of cookies during the campaign. They were humbled by the amount of work that went into it, Zachary said, and it was heartwarming to see customers come in and buy anywhere from one cookie to multiple boxes. Their team wants to thank both the staff and customers for the success of the initiative.

“A special thank you to Ashley and her family who own both Tim Hortons locations,” Zachary said. “They selected us and they see the value of where the donation dollars will go, and we’re very appreciative of them thinking of Muskoka Victim Services at this time.”

Ashley Hrinkanic, operator of the two Gravenhurst Tim Hortons locations, said it feels great to work with and support an organization like Muskoka Victim Services.

“On behalf of Gravenhurst Tim Hortons owner and team members, we would like to express our sincere thank you for another successful week of Smile Cookie, which has now become a strong annual tradition to support selected local organizations,” Hrinkanic said. “Without the tremendous support of our guests and Muskoka Victim Services, we would not have been able to obtain this donation. Although the Smile Cookie program is only one week per year, the proceeds will continue to assist the Muskoka Victim Services throughout the year to come.”

To learn more about Muskoka Victim Services, visit their website.

Gravenhurst Tim Hortons To Support Muskoka Victim Services Through Smile Cookie Campaign


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