Gravenhurst Resident Announces Plans To Run For District Council

Gravenhurst resident Gordie Merton signs Offical Declaration for district council
Photo courtesy of Gordie Merton

Gravenhurst resident Gordie Merton has announced plans to run for district council in the upcoming election this fall. This isn’t his first election, having run for Gravenhurst mayor in 2014 and town councillor in 2018. Merton released the following statement on May 12:

“I have decided to run for the position of District Councillor for the town of Gravenhurst!

I believe our town has faced many challenges and will face many more on the road ahead.

We need a fresh look on the challenges we face and strong leadership to tackle them.

That type of leadership means standing up for the people of Gravenhurst and putting Gravenhurst first at the District level as well as township, working together with other municipalities to tackle broader issues, advocating for the needs and wants of our community and cutting the red tape to enhance people’s lives and not hold them back.

This approach has guided my work as I sat on Committees both in Gravenhurst and at the District level for 3 years.

Now, I am asking for your support so I can put that experience, passion and commitment to work as your District Councillor.”


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