Gravenhurst Deputy Mayor Heidi Lorenz Running For Mayor

Gravenhurst Deputy Mayor Heidi Lorenz
Gravenhurst Deputy Mayor Heidi Lorenz. Photo courtesy of Heidi Lorenz

Deputy Mayor Heidi Lorenz, who is running for Gravenhurst mayor against Marc Mantha and Terry Pilger, has released the following statement:

For Gravenhurst’s Deputy Mayor Heidi Lorenz, serving on council for three terms has been an honour and a privilege. That’s the reason, after serious consideration, she knows that she has what it takes to be Gravenhurst’s next mayor.

Heidi states that, “With every municipal election comes a parade of promises and buzz words” that has never been her style. With Heidi, what you see is what you get. She also says, “You can count on me for common sense solutions.”

Her political journey began in 2010; a much needed stop sign and inaction prompted
Heidi to run to be the Ward One Councillor.

Heidi reminisces, “Since then, the satisfaction of shaping our beautiful community with the
help of many staff, citizens and volunteers has had me coming back for more.”

The deputy mayor was recently asked what appeals to her about municipal politics. Without hesitation, she said, “It’s everything about it that I love.” Helping people, reading and learning, and a good, productive debate.

Being deputy mayor has afforded her many opportunities, she says. “I have had a front
row seat to the roles and responsibilities of mayor. It is not a job for the faint of heart nor
one to be entered into lightly. Experience matters.”

Heidi thinks that while much has been done over the past term, Gravenhurst is facing
significant economic challenges, namely housing, rising inflation and the employment
crisis, to name a few. The relationships she has forged will be crucial to success for multi-level government solutions.

“Communication will be a key component,” Heidi said, “Who does what is an ongoing

People should vote for someone for two reasons, she states. One: What have they done in the past? Her record shows her commitment to sensible budgeting, responsible planning and good environmental stewardship.

Two: What do they plan to do? She plans to maintain her record as doing what’s right for the people of Gravenhurst with the same fortitude that secured the new Aerial Fire Truck in a vote 5-4, she championed for.

Reach Heidi at, on Twitter @VoteLorenz or at 705-687-2944.


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