Grateful Patient Returns To Say Thanks For Lifesaving Efforts


Ian North is a “miracle man” says wife Jen Claveau.

On September 13, 2022 Ian suffered a massive double lung pulmonary embolism
and required two hours of resuscitation in the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital emergency department.

“I walked in while it was happening,” says wife Jen, “it was explained to me what was going on, and it was dire, it was not good.” Jen recalls one of the doctors sitting with her and holding her hand during those uncertain moments, “they took care of me as well.”

Jen and Ian made a special visit back to the emergency department to personally thank the
team that saved Ian’s life that day. “I don’t know if anyone gets the chance to thank you all
enough for what you do” said Jen, “you saved his life.”

Since the incident Jen and Ian are committed to sharing their story and raising awareness and support of the hospital. Jen is a local artist who has started auctioning her artwork to raise funds for the hospital. “My goal is to raise $5,400 to purchase a crash cart, which was what was used on Ian”. To date approximately $1,000 has been raised for the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation. “We are so grateful for the meaningful support,” says Foundation

Executive Director Leah Walker, “and immensely proud of our health care team.”
To learn more about Jen’s art auction supporting South Muskoka Hospital Foundation visit:



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