Georgian Radiology Consultants Pledge Big Support For RVH’s Smallest Patients

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit presented with a $250,000 cheque from Georgian Radiology Consultants (l to r): Dr. Drew Schemmer, Georgian Radiology Consultants; Gail Hunt, RVH President & CEO; Pamela Ross, CEO RVH Foundation; Natalie Sherrit, Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Madisyn Partridge, Resource Nurse.

Georgian Radiology Consultants (GRC) have committed to support the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s (RVH) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) expansion plans with a gift of $250,000.

Inspired by the RVH Foundation’s Keep Life Wild campaign, GRC is directing its support to RVH’s smallest and most vulnerable patients to ensure the women, children and families of Simcoe Muskoka have the equipment, technology and space they need for the best healthcare.

“Our 45-year tenure in this region has given our group of radiologists a unique view into the challenges facing our patient population,” says radiologist Dr. Drew Schemmer. “Strong and healthy communities begin with strong and healthy mothers and babies. Therefore, it was easy to decide where our philanthropic efforts should be applied, and we are thrilled to announce our donation for the NICU at the RVH.”

The gift will mean that life-saving technologies can be updated, and impactful fundraising progress will be made for the NICU expansion.

“The true gift for our group is that we, in some small way, can support babies who require lifesaving technology to survive and thrive beyond their time in NICU.  We are honoured to provide a donation that will guarantee each infant who needs specialized care will receive it in the NICU,” says Dr. Schemmer.

Through the expansion of RVH, a new NICU will be built with the latest equipment and enough space to provide the special care premature and ill babies require. The current NICU was built 25 years ago with about 35-square feet for patient space. The new standard for a NICU built today is 215 square feet.

“Babies and children are our community’s future. We need private spaces that allow mothers to breastfeed their babies, safe spaces for children who are sick, and a space for nurses to care for our most vulnerable patients,” says Dr. Leah Bartlett, RVH Chief of Paediatrics and co-Medical Director of the Maternal, Newborn, Child and Youth Program. “This expansion will allow us to meet the current standards and have the space that our kids and families need.”

RVH Foundation’s $100 million Keep Life Wild campaign supports three priorities: expanding RVH’s regional clinical programs, building an all-new healthcare facility in Innisfil, and innovation in care through the application of research breakthroughs and leading-edge medical education.

To learn more about RVH’s plan for the future of healthcare in the region, how to get involved or to make a donation of your own, visit


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