Ecosurf Brings Environmentally Friendly Electric Surfboards To Ontario

The Carver Twin electric surfboard. Photo courtesy of Ecosurf Mississauga
The Carver Twin electric surfboard. Photo courtesy of Ecosurf Mississauga

Ecosurf Canada had its first year of operation last summer, renting and selling electric surfboards in Quebec. Now, the company is bringing their eco-friendly boards to Ontario, and with recent supply delays, they may not be available for long.

Jessica Hlibchuk, the Ontario branch owner for Ecosurf, said they’re still working to find a rental location in Ontario, but their electric boards are already available for purchase. Ecosurf is Canada’s exclusive distributor of Onean boards, which are manufactured in Spain, and they’re some of the highest rated electric surfboards on the market. Though there are gas-powered boards available, Ecosurf chose electric surfboards as part of their commitment to protecting the environment and Ontario lakes in particular. Along with being eco-friendly, Hlibchuk said the boards offer an experience like no other.

“If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to walk on water or run across it, this is exactly what you get,” she said. “It’s this experience of gliding across a beautiful lake and it goes up to speeds of 45 kilometres an hour. It’s really just you and the water.”

Ecosurf offers three models: the Carver X, the Carver Twin and the Manta. They all have a two-year warranty and the team at Ecosurf Mississauga will handle any after-sales services that their customers need.

While boats and jet skis are hard to come by because of supply chain and other issues, Ecosurf still has boards available for this summer. They may not last long, so Hlibchuk encourages anyone who is interested to place an order right away. Ecosurf also has a try before you buy option, and for those who do buy a board, the rental fee for their trial run will be waived.

It’s an activity made for a wide range of ages and skill levels as well, Hlibchuk said, adding that their oldest customer was 71 years old. It doesn’t require any previous experience and the boards can be used for a fast-paced day of fun or for a relaxing paddle.

The Manta electric paddleboard. Photo courtesy of Ecosurf Mississauga
The Manta electric paddleboard. Photo courtesy of Ecosurf Mississauga

“You don’t have to be an expert,” Hlibchuk said. “The learning curve is about 10 to 15 minutes just to get your balance, and if you’re not interested in speed, we also have an electric paddleboard.”

The Manta is their electric paddleboard. It has about five hours of battery life, compared to about 40 minutes to an hour with the Carver models, and can cruise at 10 kilometres per hour. If users get tired of paddling, or if the wind turns and they don’t want to paddle against it, they can use their Bluetooth remote bracelet to turn on the board and return to shore. With a capacity of 300 pounds, riders can also bring a small child or pet along for the ride.

With a starting price of $10,840, they know the boards are expensive, so they offer a financing option that customers can access easily and quickly from their website. It takes just a few minutes to fill out and rates start at $90 bi-weekly. Beyond that, Hlibchuk hopes to open up the rental opportunities for Ontarians soon, so she encourages people to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on rental sites.

Her love of water sports and the thrilling experience of riding electric boards is what led Hlibchuk to get into the business. She’s 49 now but riding the boards made her feel 22 again, so she’s excited to share it with people across the province.

“It was primarily born out of my passion for the water and wanting other people to feel this exhilaration as well,” she said.

Shayne Dijkman is the director of marketing and sales for Ecosurf Mississauga as well Hlibchuk’s son. They’re running the company as a family business, and they’re equally excited to introduce their products.

An Ecosurf client uses the Carver X board at Bass Lake. Photo courtesy of Ecosurf Mississauga
An Ecosurf client uses the Carver X board at Bass Lake. Photo courtesy of Ecosurf Mississauga

“It’s a new water sport coming to North America,” Dijkman said. “It’s something that was really popular in Europe, and now it’s finally coming here.”

With the recent issues surrounding noise and wakes on Muskoka’s waterways, these electric surfboards offer an ideal alternative to typical summer activities, Dijkman said. Jet skis typically require a trailer for transport along with needing gas to run, whereas the electric boards can fit on a car rack and just need a standard outlet to charge. The only additional cost after the initial purchase is electricity, which Dijkman said averages less than $2 a charge.

“This is a new solution, 100 per cent eco-friendly, doesn’t make any noise,” he said. “You can charge your battery in just two hours and you’re ready to go again.”

The boards are a great way for riders to exercise their legs and core, he said, but it can also be a leisurely activity for friends and families. No matter what the rider is looking for, the boards offer an amazing experience to all.

“There’s nothing that really compares to what it is,” Dijkman said. “It’s something so unique that everybody should give it a try.”

To learn more, or to place an order, visit Ecosurf’s website.

This post is sponsored by Ecosurf Mississauga.


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