Local Associations Urge People To Be #WakeAware

Be #WakeAware

Last summer, a Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) member and a Past President hosted a meeting with MLA and Safe Quiet Lakes (SQL) board members to discuss the ravaging effects wakes, particularly from wake surfers, have had on shorelines, human powered crafts and swimmers.

The Be #WakeAware campaign and video is part of an ongoing effort to address the sentiments expressed in that meeting. The video was shot by Jake Thomas of Wiley Productions. The three financial and distribution supporters of the video include the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA), Safe Quiet Lakes (SQL) and the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association (FOCA).

This campaign and video will not be a silver bullet for responsible wakes, but it will work in concert with the No Wake sign designed and sold by the MLA and SQL along with other messages on all three of the sponsor’s websites.

Please visit www.bewakeaware.com and share both this webpage and the embedded video to help make all boaters in Muskoka Be #WakeAware.


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