Drivers And Motorcyclists: Please Watch Out For Each Other


Curbing last year’s spike in motorcyclist fatalities on Ontario Provincial Police- (OPP)-patrolled roads is as simple as riders and drivers maintaining safe space and driving habits around each other at all times.

Last year marked a particularly tragic riding season and the highest number of motorcyclist deaths since 2017, with 44 riders losing their lives in collisions.

Failing to yield right of way, excessive speed and inattentive driving are among the leading contributing factors in OPP-investigated motorcyclist fatalities over the past 10 years. The data speaks to poor and careless behaviours on the part of riders and other drivers, with motorcyclists at fault in 61 per cent of the fatalities, and drivers of other vehicles at fault in 39 per cent of the deaths.

With Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month underway in May, the OPP is reminding motorcyclists and other motorists to be responsible, defensive, attentive, and alcohol/drug-free drivers throughout the riding season. Motorcyclists are reminded to wear bright, protective equipment and clothing to increase their visibility to other motorists. Every driver doing their part will help ensure Ontario citizens and visitors have the safe, enjoyable summer that awaits them!

Promoting motorcycle safety through public education and enforcement forms part of the OPP’s commitment to saving lives on Ontario roads, waterways and trails.


 Even the smallest momentary lapse in a motor vehicle driver’s awareness can result in the death of an unseen motorcyclist.

 Riders between 45-64 years of age account for 51 per cent of the motorcyclist fatalities in the past 10 years.

Over the past 10 years, 38 per cent of OPP-investigated motorcyclist fatalities have occurred on provincial highways.


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