District’s EnviroHub Launched


The District of Muskoka is excited to announce the launch of its EnviroHub, a new information portal showcasing the District’s environmental programs, initiatives and project partners.  These innovative, scientific, and community-based programs make the District a municipal environmental leader in Canada.

The EnviroHub features Muskoka’s Climate Change Strategy, the Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Lake System Health Program, Floodplain Mapping projects, and more!  The purpose of the EnviroHub is to provide a central space for the community to learn about programs and be engaged through regular newsletters, promoting events, and sharing the results of projects.

“The District has such a wide range of unique, watershed-wide initiatives in partnership with the community,” said Christy Doyle, Director of Environment and Watershed Programs at the District of Muskoka.  “The EnviroHub will help to bring awareness to our policies and programs, especially as we continue to explore local environmental conditions. Integrating action, evidence, and nature-based solutions is Muskoka’s response to the changing climate.”

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Also Coming Soon: The EnviroHub has created an article series to highlight the Making Waves: Integrated Watershed Management initiative.  Articles will be posted regularly on the Making Waves Engage Muskoka Website that dives deeper into each project.  Readers can learn more about integrated watershed management, including:

  • what a hydrological model is
  • how dams change water movements through the watershed,
  • why natural capital and municipal policy are linked, and more.

The articles will also describe what floodplains are, how they are mapped, and how they play a role in flood management.  Subscribe here to receive updates from Making Waves


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