Crews Asking Families To Clear Snow From Fire Hydrants In Neighborhoods


The Significant Weather Event for the District remains in effect on December 27, 2022. Snow removal efforts have continued throughout Muskoka since declaring a Significant Weather Event on December 23, 2022. Our partner municipalities received a significant amount of snowfall over the last four days – we continue to work together to ensure the plows can operate safely, given the conditions and challenges.

More snowfall is forecast across Muskoka today; however, it is not expected to be as intense, giving crews a chance to catch up. Despite lessening snowfall, power outages have continued to disrupt our operations. We appreciate the patience and understanding of the community.

We are Still Making Progress

Transportation Services has continued snow clearing throughout the District, focusing on main roads and shoulders to return roads to normal service levels. District Roads in Huntsville have all been cleared with the exception of eastern portions of Britannia Road and Yearly Road, which will be completed with heavier equipment. Plow operators, patrollers, support staff, and management have been working around the clock to make progress and will continue to do so until the end of the event.

Collection Efforts Have Resumed

Solid Waste Management has resumed collection efforts, with some roads still being inaccessible for collection vehicles. For properties where the collection was not possible, they will be able to “double up” on their garbage the next collection.

For updates on waste collection, residents are encouraged to download the Muskoka Recycles mobile app or visit

Hydrant Heroes are Needed!

The District of Muskoka and partner municipalities are still calling on families to help clear snow from fire hydrants in their neighbourhoods and be “Hydrant Heroes” during this record-breaking winter event. With over 2,100 hydrants across Muskoka and heavy snowfall covering the area, crews will need time to complete this important work.

The District is encouraging families to assign a “Hydrant Hero” to shovel snow away from their local hydrant and keep a 1.5-meter clearance around it. Timing is critical in times of emergency, and every second spent shovelling out a buried hydrant can significantly impact the outcome.

In addition to being Hydrant Heroes, the District is reminding residents to make sure their 911 numbers are visible from the road, clear any obstacles inside and outside their homes in case of an emergency, and monitor their local fire hydrants for snow buildup.

Warmer Temperatures are Welcome but Come with Risks

Warmer temperatures are forecast for later on this week but with warmer temperatures come snow melt.  Residents are reminded to ensure that when clearing snow, catchbasins and drainage culverts near their property need to be kept clear.  Blocked catchbasins or culverts can cause localized flooding creating hazards, especially when temperatures drop overnight.


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