County Of Simcoe And City Expanding Rapid Re-Housing Support In Orillia


Yesterday, Orillia City Council short-listed two City-owned properties to support a partnership agreement with the County of Simcoe to locate a temporary Supportive Rapid Rehousing Program (SRRP) facility in Orillia.

The two short-listed sites, 175 West St. S. and 66 Peter St. S., were recommended by a working group of four members of Orillia Council after careful consideration of public feedback and based on criteria required by the County for funding and operations of the facility.

This is part of the County of Simcoe and the City of Orillia’s efforts to expand the support for and availability of supportive housing in Orillia. Through the County, this expanded system capacity allows the County and its partners to better transition individuals who have been identified as situationally homeless into permanent housing.

The final site selection from the two short-listed sites will take place over the next few weeks and will be determined based on the site’s ability to accommodate the facility in time for the 2024 spring season.

In February, the City of Orillia pledged a financial commitment of up to $100,000 for various costs associated with the site development and will waive property taxes for the duration of the program on the property. Funding will be allocated from the Orillia Affordable Housing Reserve.

Through a procurement process, the County is currently finalizing plans to secure a modular temporary housing facility. An operator will be selected to manage this facility to run programs later this month, prior to the facility opening. Once the facility has been placed and an operator has been selected, this program will support 10-20 participants within the first six months of the project and 20-40 participants within the first year, which could equal up to 100-200 participants over the project’s duration of five years.

A similar temporary structure has been successfully utilized by the County in the City of Barrie on Rose Street. While being operated as a transitional housing program, the initiative in Barrie led to 18 clients (90% of the participants) moving to permanent housing in a limited period, which is the ultimate goal of this program. This initiative in Orillia is also expected to create space in the city’s existing shelter system, as the two programs work together to move people from situational homelessness to permanent housing through a system-wide approach.

“County Council continues to invest in and support our regional system-wide approach to addressing homelessness in our communities, with targeted investments in our communities. This is a great example of a fast, effective and efficient solution that has proven results. We thank the City of Orillia for their support and partnership as we work together to build up the lives of our residents.”

~ Warden Basil Clarke, County of Simcoe


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