Council Approves Relocation Of Bracebridge Fire Department Station Two


Yesterday, Council approved the relocation of Bracebridge Fire Department Station 2 from 3448 Highway 118 East to 1002 Uffington Road. The Bracebridge Fire Department worked with the Loomex Group over the course of four years to conduct a thorough review of data, variables and site locations to identify this need and support the recommendations outlined in the 2021 Fire Master Plan.

In 2022, a feasibility and location analysis was conducted due to the age, functionality, and space limitations of the building, and identified that moving the station to the Uffington area would allow the Department to dispatch an effective response force to the high-risk occupancies identified in the 2021 Bracebridge Community Risk Assessment. The Town’s 2024 Municipal Budget and Business Plan included direction for the Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief to complete an additional location analysis and provide Council with recommendations regarding site acquisition for the new station.

The property at 1002 Uffington Road is a 23-acre site owned by the Town of Bracebridge which met the selection criteria including immediate availability, appropriate size, safe entry to the Hwy 118 east corridor, and appropriate adjacent property uses. Additional benefits of relocating Station 2 include:

  • Increased safety of the Department’s firefighters by allowing the Department to dispatch more firefighters to certain areas of Bracebridge and provide a stronger effective response force;
  • Increase levels of service provided to the south-east area, high-risk occupancies, and the greater Bracebridge area;
  • Provide a better water supply for areas of Bracebridge that do not have hydrants;
  • Improve the Department’s ability to obtain its Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation, which can result in insurance savings to residents;
  • Improve the health and safety of firefighters and facility accessibility compliance; and
  • A higher staff complement of volunteer firefighters as a result of being located in a more densely populated area.

Station 2 is located at 3448 Highway 118 East and was constructed on a three-acre site owned by the Town of Bracebridge by area volunteers using donations from the community. The building opened in 1982 and houses an apparatus bay and office/training area.

Upon completion of Station 2 in 1982, the initial estimated useful life was determined to be 30 years. The building is now 12 years past this timeline and the asset condition is now considered to be poor. While the building has served the community well for over 40 years, it no longer meets current or future needs, and there are concerns regarding health and safety, and accessibility compliance.

Next Steps
Staff will work to create a pre-qualification process and request for proposal for the design-build of the facility to be included in the 2025 Municipal Budget and Business Plan. As the project moves forward, the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback on potential site amenities, functions of the facility, and future uses of the existing Station 2.

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